Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Symposium
BIOT 2006 proceedings papers
Paper Title Authors Affiliation
Pharmacogenomics: Analyzing SNPs Mark Ebbert, Timothy OConnor, Wesley Beckstead, Mark Clement, David McClellan Brigham Young University
A dense multiplexed microsatellite marker set for reliable, cost effective genotyping Robert Kolts, Elliott Richards, Sam Asby, Will Brubaker, Edward Wilcox Brigham Young University
Molecular Coevolution of the Vertebrate Cytochrome c1 and Rieske Iron Sulfur Protein in the Cytochrome bc1 Complex Kimberly Baer, David A. McClellan Brigham Young University
Effects of Gap Open and Gap Extension Penalties Hyrum Carroll, Perry Ridge, Mark Clement, Quinn Snell Brigham Young University
Keynote Speaker -- High Throughput Mouse Knockouts Wade Walke Lexicon Genetics, Inc.
Computational Analysis of the Distribution of Short Repeated Motifs in Human Genomic Sequences Abanish Singh, Nikola Stojanovic University of Texas at Arlington
Evolutionary selective pressure on three mitochondrial SNPs is consistent with their influence on metabolic efficiency in Pima Indians Srikar Chamala, Wesley A. Beckstead, Mark J. Rowe, David McClellan Brigham Young University
Protein Interactions Extrapolated from Feline Protein Complexes Shawn Martin, Zisu Mao, Linda Chan, Suraiya Rasheed Sandia National Laboratories, University of Southern California
Comparing the Performance of Several Popular Machine Learning Algorithms Raja Loganantharaj University of Louisiana
Prediction of Protein Coding Regions on a Programmable VLIW Architecture Adeel Yusuf, Dawood Khan, Shoab Khan Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Pakistan
Conservative adjustment of permutation p-values when the number of permutations is limited Yinglei Lai George Washington University
Invited Speaker - protein-DNA interactions and identification of HTH DNA-binding motifs Changhui (Charles) Yan Utah State University
Keynote Speaker - The cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) Lewis Frey University of Utah
Improving Performance of DNA Sequencing-by-Hybridization with Gapped-Probes via Domain Knowledge Zong He Cai, Hon Wai Leong National University of Singapore
An algorithm with linear expected running time for string editing with substitutions and substring reversals Abdullah Arslan University of Vermont
On Predicting Secondary Structure Transition Raja Loganantharaj, Vivek Philip University of Louisiana
Invited Speaker - Protein folding on the hexagonal lattice in the HP model Minghui Jiang Utah State University
Semantic Based Retrieval of Biomedical Literature Raja Loganantharaj, Vardarajan Narayan University of Louisiana
Preliminary Analysis of the Effects of Selection on Physicochemical Properties in the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Richard L. Smith, Seth A. Loughmiller, David A McClellan Brigham Young University
HTML Table Interpretation by Sibling Page Comparison in the Molecular Biology Domain Cui Tao, David Embley Brigham Young University
Genetic Code Population Dynamics in a Simulated System of Protocells Jerrisha Butler, Francis Uzowulu, David Digby, William Seffens Clark Atlanta University